Fall breakkkk

Its finally Friday and even better...its fall break time! I haven't been home in 5 weeks *gasp* so I have much Morrisons Cove Hearld awaiting for me to read.hehe But of course I go to work and its just draggin today, figures since its rainin..oh well.

But I think the break will be cool, and pretty eventful. I have to teach Mom how to use the online grade book at my brother's high school, even though I've never seen it before in my life. Well she went to a training session, but she's still scared to use it or something..hopefully they provided good instructions. PSU plays Michigan on Sat so that time block will be soely devoted to PSU football & the rule of dont-call-the-house-unless-its-a-commercial-or-halftime will be in effect :) Monday will be Mom & Daughter day around 'toona & Tues we're goin to the open house for the new technology center in our school district :) Hopefully Mark & I can get a good game of basketball in or our usual board game extravagansa :) Some how we love doing that, I remember when we were little, we were so excited about the new floor they put down in the bathroom, we moved the game into the bathroom just so we could play on the new floor...lol

As for this week, I made it through ok...Had a IST mid-term yesterday that only kicked my butt in one section, & that was b/c I was being dumb. *smacks head* Mostly it was just the usual case brief assignments, legal HW, a comm paper proposal (who assigns 5 page ones anyway?!) and moving forward another group project. The problems arose when you're just trying to meet with all these groups, plus work, plus have a boss away, plus everything else. See why I want to graduate?

Exciting news, I have a new distant cousin! Her name is Lily Ann and she was born the day before Hurricane Lily struck, no lie! But apparently they had the name picked out before this whole hurricane deal, still kinda weird, but cool :)
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Now tell me how October came up on me so fast. And you'd think that I'd be pretty swamped with schoolwork since its the week before mid-terms...not really so. I do have some major proposals and outlines due for some projects next week, so hopefully I can get a jumpstart. Oh yeah and the i don't know what i should study for and it will end up kicking me in the butt midterm for IST 421. At least our mini project looks pretty good :) Actually I'm more kinda swamped at work with many computers to rebuild, so hopefully I can get them all knocked off before da Boss goes on vacation to Florida next week *sigh*

I'm excited for tomorrow that I'll have a Wednesday evening free for once so I can go and do a little Halloween costume investigating and pick the perfect non-slutty costume. Sorry guys, I know you're just dying & keeping asking for one like that, nope I'm gonna play hard to get :) Plus it has to be a surprise ;)

I'm just tryin to keep a positive outlook on some things, and avoid stupid extra stress that I don't need as always.
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Jobby Job

So I'm slowly plugging away at the whole job..and for the record, yes I have no job offers. I know I suck, but anyway, I've just been applying and got some info on a state job, so I'll apply for that one once the application period really begins. Now it probably won't make my family happy that I'm applying to jobs away from Central PA, most think I should just wait it out. Ok, come May if I don't have a job, then I will kick you later. :) So thats why I'm applying elsewhere specifically the 'Burgh and Harrisburg area, to keep all job options open. At least Dan is all supportive :) I've never seen someone so excited for even the thought of me moving to the same county as another person...hehe But its all good, we shall see....
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The Weekend

Yes, I know I haven't written in an extremely long time, so just deal :)

This weekend was fun and somewhat unexpected. Roomie was gettin ready to leave on Friday, but her mom and grandma came up and went shopping. So I became the extra kid for the evening :) I broke down and went to Rapid Transit and got them to check out feet and find the best running shoe for me since my knees & shins would bother me while running. Of course I had to swallow a bit more than I wanted to pay for sneaks but I think they're gonna be well worth it. I still don't get how the guy there thought that Becky and I were sisters????? Maybe my hair was looking a bit more blond, but then Becky's sister has really dark brown hair so go figure :-P

Sis called me on Friday night and her hubby's boss gave them tickets to the football game :) Even better they were gonna tailgate after the game :) So I whipped up a batch of pasta salad and the plan was to come back after the game, get it, then go back to their tailgate. Well as you know, PSU was really blowing it by 4th quarter, so when Iowa intercepted the ball, I left so I could beat the rush. Well, wouldn't you know PSU had to make a comeback! I watched the last 3 min & OT at the apt then treked out to the flower gardens for some good tailgatin. Boy do I miss hangin out with my sister, Mike and his friends, always a great time..and I got Fred's Food stamp of approval for my pasta salad :)

Got back and ended up goin to Ali's for a get together for a little Beaver 5 mini reunion :) Hehe, Gutch tryin to pretend it was Mardi Gras with the beads! Good to catch up with some of the peeps from the floor, I do miss living on the floor somewhat, nice to have all of your friends in one place.

But then my roomate and I have been getting along really well this year, I can't quite figure out why this year is different than last, but its working very well :) I think that both of us know how we work, as in how we act at certain time, after certain days, etc. Its very cool that I finally have a roomate that I can really live with & be great friends with her. Probably because I've changed too and learned to let the little things slide and that if it says fat-free or low-fat doesn't mean it tastes like crap!

Well time to get some work done, plus if I make this entry any longer, ehh I dunno what will happen
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Approaching game day

So this week has been a pretty busy week, hence why I haven't been writing.

Tonight I decided to be good and stay in and get some work done. Plus waking up for noon football games is always a pain when you've been up till 3 am. So it will be a rest up night :)

After I think 10 revisions, I finally settled on a class & work schedule. Luckily my roomie's fitness walking class doubled its class size at the last min. and since I need another esact, bam I was in the class. So after this semester I will only have 1 more gen ed to finish. woo hoo! Now the fun begins of actually going through it everyday.

Even better news, I got another raise at Media Tech this week! :-D..I thought I had maxed out the pay scale, but apparently since my evaluation was so good, I got another raise :) Ok, so its a 28 cent raise, but every little cent helps. Then I come home and find out that our entire building is getting new windows, which will take about a month to do for the entire bldg. Pain in the butt you think? I think well worth it since ours leak air like crazy and are pain in the butt to clean. So go Associated Realty! You gave us a new bathroom, new faucet, now new windows!

Well time to get back to schoolwork and GOOO STATE!
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The first big day

So I made it through the first day of classes pretty well. Well with the exception of the one IST class where they started to pull out calculus...ahhhhh! Definitely didn't seem like a right fit for me, and since I was just taking it to fill some space, I just went and dropped it. Plus then my Tues/Thurs won't be so crazy. So I'll have a light class schedule, but I think the other classes will be time consuming enough and will fill the space, along with all my other activities. I'll have my schedule up sometime tomorrow I hope on my webpage.

I've already gotten behind on my to-do list, can't believe it. But I just couldn't stop talkin to Jason, I guess I'm starting to sort of miss him =-O, Yeah I know all summer, I've been here, guess the realization that I'm really here and sometimes won't be home for like 6 weeks. So I made plans to do something with him when I'm home next weekend, which will be cool. What can I say, I really am now enjoying talking to him and want to spend some more time with him. Of course, now my roomate is probably ready to shoot me since I was on the phone pretty late with him when she was heading to bed...So sorry! Next time, it won't be as late..

Sorry, gotta cut this short, stuff is pileing up and its already almost 1 am, more later :)
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It be awhile

Wow, its been about two weeks since I wrote, so time to catch up...

Lately the days haven't been anything special, just workin at D&AS part time till the fun of school begins. I get up and Amy had to get up for Rescom training as well. Poor girl has to suffer through 8 hour training sessions with all the other new peeps and this is her 3rd year. When was the last time I went to a training session for any of my jobs? BTW Amy, let me know where you're workin so I can drag my lifeless body at the end of the day to the desk and pester ya ;)

I finished buying all my books, I thought I was gonna make it under 200 bucks for once, wrong! The last book of course has to rip me a new hole of 87 bucks. But this years total is much better than some past ones, so not bad!

I finally began to make some progress on my webpage, yay! New look will be out by the end of the week, else it won't get touched till about winter break if I'm lucky. You will be thrilled to know that it will have a Mac look to it :)

This weekend the honeymooners are coming up to visit and see the grange fair. Yay for crafty, real house type decorations! I must be getting old, I'm getting turned off by posters and more toward more homey, adult decorations. I think its a sign for me to get out of here and start really living in the real world
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Like I said, I'm gonna do it my way

And its Friday, only 4 hours of work to conquer then its time to head home for a mini vacation. :) I'm hoping that I'll have time to catch up on getting all my stuff organized on this computer tomorrow afternoon before I head home.

I'm excited to go home cause of all the fun stuff I think I have planned so far with my sister, of course we can't set anything in stone till the last min., but I hope its not an annoy-michelle-about-her-dating-life vacation. But then I know what I need to do, just ignore them and tell them to mind their own business and do it my way. Of course, its still a pain in the behind to have to constantly deal with that when my own parents don't get involved, why should everyone feel that they have to? Like my mom said, I'm an adult, I can make my own decisions and do things myself, heck I've been inching closer and closer to being completely on my own for the past 3 years. But calling my house to find out dirt on what I'm doing in the dating dept for the weekend? Completely nuts.

Currently, I like how things are/going with Jason and I and its great that he understands where I'm coming from. Perhaps things will change, it all depends, but there will be no rushing, period. Been there, done that, hated it.

So I'm signing off for my 'vacation' perhaps you will hear from me during my stay in the Cove, else talk to ya next week....
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Whoa Nelly! It's Wednesday!

Where the heck did the week go?! Its already Wednesday (well in 15 min) and it seems like I don't get much crossed off my checklist, it just seems to grow, even though today I spent getting my parking pass for next week, got some more of my fall books, did laundry, cleaned up a bit around here, burned some CD's for people, plugged away a tad at the webpage, moved addresses to webmail, ran & did some strength training stuff, and sent out some emails for MIST. Yeah I should have done my outsource work today, but I got sprung about it all of sudden today, and I had already planned to get some minor stuff done when places were actually open. But that can wait till tomorrow. Ok that was just a bunch of ramble that you probably could care less about, I'm just tryin to make myself feel accomplished today :)

I'm excited to go home this weekend and maybe kick back a bit. Its gonna be a fair-junkie weekend and like house-sitting is that hard :) I miss spending time with my little brother, lately when I've been home I'm either at Melissa & Mike's or out with Jason, so I really haven't spent an entire evening at home with him playing basketball or something. So next week will be our catch up week. I've never seen someone so excited about watching DVD's, hehe. He's pumped since I said that I'd bring home my computer so that we could watch DVD's while I was home. Hopefully also I can spend a day with my sister, we haven't done that in a good while, plus since once school starts, I basically become really non-existant at home.

And yes, the nickname list continues to grow at Ag Sci. So far this sumer I've gained a bunch of phrases that people like to refer me as...rocket scientist, squire, squaw, grasshopper, and the newest, curly, apparently because of my short new look and I'm still gettin the waves back out of my hair..lol, how I love working there :)
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Its hump day already?!

I can't believe its Wednesday already, that means my 2 day span of being totally in charge of the D&AS IT dept is over :( Things actually went very well, I was afraid that the server would get bitchy and flip out on me when both bosses were gone. But I survived with only 1 major problem to tackle, so all is good :) Plus it helped that today my weekly meeting with housing got cancelled so that I could devote 2 more hours to workin at D&AS, then just went straight to Thomas for more work.

I'm still amazed with the whole miners rescue situation. Wow, I still can't believe they made it out pretty much unharmed! Its cool seein them on TV and I'm thinkin, I can relate to those guys and their families, due to the fact that they are middle working class families, like mine, especially relatable to my sis's husband since he works at a strip mine. I get tired of seein of all of the corporate scandels, baseball players who whine because apparently making tens of millions of dollars isn't enough to hit a ball around. And here are these guys, just tryin to make a living and providing us with coal for electricity.

Well time to catch some zzz, another long day tomorrow with puttin in some extra hours at work.
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